Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Who Are The Kurds?

With ISIS all over the news, it's easy to forget that there are many more groups in Iraq fighting for control. One of these...

How Powerful Is Kurdistan?

Is The PKK A Terrorist Group? http://bit.ly/1LwBs5z Subscribe! http://bitly.com/1iLOHml The Middle Eastern region of Kurdistan has a strong military and a po...

Who Are The Kurdish Women Fighting ISIS?

An all-female army from Syria is fighting ISIS -- and kicking ass. The YPJ has killed over 100 members of the terrorist group and...

Can We Trust the Kurds to Fight ISIS?

–Stephen Mansfield, author of The Miracle of the Kurds: A Remarkable Story of Hope Reborn in Northern Iraq, joins David to discuss the history...

A People Without Friends: ‘Time to Back the Kurds’

Author Stephen Mansfield has a message for the U.S.: "ISIS will fall. Kurdistan will rise... When all of this occurs, the U.S. will want...
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