” Through resistance we will win!!!”..


Otova 1The joint leaders of Turkey’s pro-Kurdish opposition party, People’s Democracy (HDP), have been arrested along with at least nine other MPs.

The first raid was reported on Figen Yuksekdag’s house in Ankara with police breaking her door in and entering the premises. Yuksekdag was detained by police who attacked the HDP co-chair’s entourage.Soon after HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtas tweeted that police officers were outside his house with a warrant for his arrest. Demirtas tweeted: “Police are outside my house in Diyarbakir with a warrant for my arrest.” Latest update Selahattin Demirtas has also been detained.

Raids were also conducted at the houses of HDP Batman MP Mehmet Ali Aslan and HDP Diyarbakir MP Ziya Pir. Both MPs have been detained with Pir confirming that he was being detained in a tweet. Latest update the houses of HDP Sirnak MPs Ferhat Encu and Leyla Birlik have also been raided by police and both MPs have been detained.

This is a major escalation of a clampdown that has seen Kurdish media closed down and the mayor of Diyarbakir arrested.

Otova 6Hopes of an end to Turkey’s decades-long Kurdish problem have evaporated since a ceasefire with the [Kurdistan Workers’ Party] PKK broke down in 2015, leading to a wave of tit-for-tat attacks.

Turkish politicians normally have immunity from prosecution but this was removed from the HDP and some other MPs in May.

Last month, the joint mayors of Diyarbakir, Turkey’s largest Kurdish-majority city, were also arrested ….

While commonly seen as the main pro-Kurdish party, HDP is an eclectic grouping which also appeals to leftists, liberals, environmentalists, gay rights activists and pious Muslims. That explains why it is Turkey’s third-largest party.

It entered parliament for the first time last year, winning 59 seats.

During the election campaign, it carried a moderate message despite dozens of attacks against party supporters and offices, culminating in a deadly attack on its largest election rally in Diyarbakir two days before the vote.

The party strongly denies any links to the PKK.

Mr Demirtas and others accuse President Erdogan of seeking to push the party out of parliament and increase his own power.

One MP, who is currently abroad, told the BBC the government was acting like Nazis.

“This crackdown tonight is nothing to do with procedural law, criminal law, any law whatsoever or the constitution,” Ertugrul Kurkcu said. “This is an unlawful hijacking of HDP parliamentarians.”


15171147_1695978967379108_1107298760563985844_nImmediately after learning those arrests in Turkey ,Kurdish Community members all accross Canada quickly organized  and made action plans against this very unlawful arrests and detention of HDP’s joint leaders and other MP’s…

Early in November ;First , The Toronto Kurdish Community Ctr  held an EMERGENCY RALLY at Yonge-Dundas Square  against the arrests of Peoples’ Democratic Party MPs including co-chairs Selahattin Demirtas and Figen Yuksekdag…

There was another demonstration  in front of Turkish Consulate General in Toronto as well,and it was absolutely well done  in solidarity against the detainment and crackdown on our Peoples’ Democratic Party – HDPs parliament members, mayors, and freedom of press. Community members  called  every people  to join them  and raise their  voices in downtown Toronto in protest with a rally of all our revolutionary, democratic, and loyal people!

Following to these , there were some other additional  demonstrations held in Toronto ( November 10 and 13 ) , under  the titles of ” Do not touch my free will ” and ” Resist to Win ”

There was also a very big gathering and protest at the Toronto International Airport , so many members came there to show their support and solidarity …

On November 4th , A petition ” Justin Trudeau : Hands of Our MP’s .Solidarity Call for HDP ” was initiated at www.change.org and it is to  get more support from people all around the world and put more pressure on the Turkish Goverment…

On November 8th , A Committee from Toronto , Montreal and Ottawa met with the Ministry of International Affairs of Canada in Ottawa…In this one hour long meeting, They presented a dossier compiling the latest alarming developments in Turkey …And , discussed what was the current situation and what were  our demands from  the Canadian Goverment…

Finally , On November 22nd ,Kurdish Community members from all sides ( Toronto ,Montreal ,Ottawa and many other cities ) gathered together at  Ottawa’s Parliament Building and organized a very big protest /demonsration   against the AKP regime and the main message was “Toronto Through resistance we will win!!!”..

In Addition :

There is also a tabling event going on  in the VARI HALL link at York University  on:







Message from the orgainizers of this event :

“Please come by and show your support against the recent arrests of the co-chairs of the Peoples’ Democratic Party – HDP, Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ along with 10 other MP’s and the ongoing crackdown on Kurdish politicians, professionals, artists, and people in Turkey.”

“We also need VOLUNTEERS to help us table during these dates and hours. There will be a poll and a doodle schedule that will be available for people to fill out their availability.”

Kurdish Students Association at York University

Kurdish Students’ Association @ University of Toronto (KSA@UofT)

The Toronto Democratic Kurdish Peoples’ Congress (Kurdish Press of Toronto

Ihsan Esener