The president of the City of Nazareth House, Walter Chicharro visit Local LIUNA 506 facilities

The president of the City of Nazareth House, Walter Chicharro, was on the premises of the union LIUNA Local 506 and the City of Toronto, as part of a visit to Canada as a guest at Rancho birthday celebrations of Nazareth Mississauga.

At the invitation of executive of “Liuna Local 506,” Jack Eustace, Nazareth Mayor had the opportunity to visit the facilities that union representing thousands of workers in the construction sector.

Walter Chicharro was accompanied by his wife, Sandra Horse mackerel, as well as the responsibility for the Folklore of Nazareth, Joseph Mafra, and the president of the Alliance of Portuguese Clubs and Associations of Ontario (ACAPO), José Eustaquio.

During the visit to the branch of LIUNA 506 complex, Jack Eustatius which is a native of Nazareth not only accompanied the mayor on a guided tour of the facilities and during which were exchanging impressions as to pass by his office, a presentor with a clock with the badge of the union.

Before arriving at Local 506, Walter Chicharro had been also at City Hall in Toronto for a brief visit during which he met with the Portuguese-Canadian councilwoman Ana Baylon.

According to the city council, the meeting with Nazareth mayor focused on an “exchange of municipal management experiences” with emphasis on the themes of tourism, urban and industrial development, the latter an area “successful” to Nazareth.

The visit ended with an exchange of memories and expressions of interest in maintaining future contacts “for the establishment and growth of trans-atlantic links for the common benefit,” reads a letter issued by the office of Anne Baylon.

The mayor of Nazareth was in Toronto to participate in the commemoration of the anniversary of the Folklore of Nazareth, the oldest of the Portuguese community, this years marked 57 years of activity.