Liuna Local 183’s Gala Dinner pays $ 310,000 to Peel Memorial Hospital

IMG_2326The LIUNA Local 183 union held a gala dinner in favor of the Peel Memorial Hospital, a meeting that resulted in raising $ 310,000 in favor of the institution and its leaders indicate will be only the first of several initiatives to creating a room with the name of this union.

According to Jack Oliveira, the leader of the branch 183 of the Labourers International Union of North America – the largest labor organization in the construction industry in North America – the goal is at least to raise $500,000.

Visibly pleased to see they have exceeded more than half that amount, the director of “183” said they have no doubt that the next fund, scheduled in October 2017, will get the 190,000 remaining to hit the half million mark.

“Today is a very special day for us, to the members and to the executive”, since “the first time we will be recognized within the hospital,” said Jack Oliveira to point out the existence of plaques with the names of companies that designate important sectors of the Peel Memorial.

IMG_2284Some are “large companies that give work to our partners,” he acknowledged, “but I think what we did here, we overcame that,” by the designation of a LIUNA Local 183 hall would provide an “opportunity to those people [workers] who built the hospital and those who recognize and raised the walls and built all that work”.

For dynamic union, the result may even be a comfort to the union members who may be hospitalized.

“I hope that none of our members have to use that hospital, but if by chance they have to [use their services], it will feel at home,” he said, adding that the aim is to create a kind of “mini-park with benches.”

IMG_2341“When they see that logo LIUNA Local 183, which was part of their lifetime, that helped put the children in school and to follow the studies to higher education, which helped them buy the house of their dreams, which helped their pension to go up and to continue with the good life, even if they are a bit low, that morale will rise again and will feel at home, and I think that’s very important, “he said.

In response to this initiative, he assured that “it will not be the last” and as long as he is a part of this great union, “if God gives me life and health, and the partners in the future want us here,” he has other plans to increase visibility of the union and members, since “the construction workers of Local 183 and LIUNA should also be recognized for the work they do every day,” he said.

The Peel Memorial is one of the newest hospitals built in Ontario, an enterprise that provides a wide range of health care and in the city of Brampton, home to tens of thousands of residents and workers, serves one of the fastest growing areas population on the outskirts of Toronto.

IMG_2274For this reason, the cause of its construction has been embraced by all the local comminities through the efforts of a collected group that was designated by Liuna and like minded friends, Peel Memorial has raised over a million dollars for the project.

This gala dinner was a gift by the president of this group, Manuel Alexandre, who in statements declared “very happy” with what he observed.
“It is very gratifying to have been invited to be here tonight,” he said, considering it “a continuation of the work,” which started with 14 other people six years earlier.

The hospital has received 1.7 million dollars “on behalf of the Portuguese community,” value “continues to increase” since two weeks before that it has been managed to be over $ 75,000, result which Local 183’s grants were instrumental.

“When I introduced bills when invited to be present with us for six years, [the leaders] believed in the project and were always behind us,” says Manuel Alexandre.

“They joined us and gave maximum support,” it said in addition that “the other parties we had were really here [in union ballroom] where we gather that amount of money which is a great pride for Portuguese community.”

“It is Local 183, traders and private individuals,” he said still considering the cause “one of those projects in which we thank God that we have succeeded.”

During the dinner leading of the ceremonies mission was handled by secretary of the “183”, Marcello Di Giovanni, who highlighted the presence of Ken Mayhew, president of the William Osler Foundation, and Joanne Flewwelling, President interim network William Osler, which owns the hospital Peel Memorial, as well as the Mayor of Brampton, Linda Jeffrey.

The three guests come out to speak publicly for thanking the initiatives, also noting that in addition to the generosity of the officers and members of the union, are the same workers who are involved in hospital construction works.

First, however, the manager of Local 183 would have the opportunity to address more than 1,000 people in the hall, making a point to publicly recognize the elements of the Executive to invite them to stand up, namely the Portuguese-Canadian Louis House, Nelson Melo and Bernardino Ferreira and Jaime Cortez, Patrick Sheridan and Marcello Di Giovanni, who was at his side.

Their praises were extended to partners – either in active or retired – on which rests all the success of “183,” he said, mentioning also that he already had the opportunity to visit some hospital facilities together with the Vice President of LIUNA International, Joseph S. Mancinelli, confirming publicly that the end of construction, “the Peel Memorial will have a space with the name and the colors of LIUNA Local 183”.

After the speeches of the guests, Jack Oliveira was on stage to make known the amount raised by first calling the representatives of several companies, that contributed to the campaign, including the Portuguese-Canadian company Europe Catering, who catered the banquet that night donated 5,000 of the 310,000 recorded dollars.

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