LIUNA Local 183 Feels The Power;

Liuna and Local 183 grows stronger, reaches new heights, breaking all records with their most dynamic and hard working management who works day and night for their members ever since being elected!

The largest trade union in the construction sector in the North American continent, which represents a high percentage of workers of Portuguese origin, celebrated the event in the presence of the main leaders of LIUNA, including President Terry O’Sullivan – who moved from The United States, to praise and acknowledge “the extraordinary results” achieved by the “Local 183” led by executive Jack Oliveira and the LIUNA vice president, Joseph Mancinelli.

Local 183 had reached a historic milestone as it nearly doubled its membership to 50,000 in five years, the LIUNA Local 183 union celebrated the key role of its health and safety delegates in an annual meeting.

The Gerry Gallagher Hall hosted 1,100 people and during which both guest leaders received a special tribute that saw their names on a special mural dedicated to their contributions to the never ending growth of Local 183.

The event was attended not only by delegates and their families, but also by the distinguished honored guests who had given a few words to the audience, including a large number of politicians from Canada’s three heads of government.

After the opening ceremonies, during which the national anthems of the United States of America and Canada were heard, Marcello Di Giovanni, secretary of Local 183, was assigned the task of making presentations, beginning with the local 183 union leader Jack Oliveira.

The administrator of the Local 183 branch as well as the LIUNA District Council (OPDC) began by welcoming the audience, highlighting the presence in the room of three LIUNA leaders, namely, President Terry O’Sullivan, Vice President Joseph S. Mancinelli and the administrator of a sister branch, Carmen Principato, who has been running Local 506 for several years.

In addition to the politicians present, he also sent strong greetings to the founders of this organization and to the retired members, highlighting the delegates who attended the event.

Jack Oliveira highlighted the historic achievement for the organization, announcing that the “Local 183” has already more than fifty hundred thousand members, a record that was confirmed on November 30, accounting for 50,373 members at this time.

Confirmed to our reporting team, this was a long-sought goal the “Local 183” executives who took office in 2011, when the union had 27,400 members registered.

Having managed to almost double the number of members in the short time and in many achievements that has been achieved in terms of benefits and benefits for active and retired partners, Jack Oliveira was proud when concluded: “We have fulfilled everything  we have promised.”

However, he believes that there is still much to do and provides a “bright” future for Local 183 workers as governments, both provincial and federal, have been willing to invest billions of dollars in the construction of new infrastructure, Public works in Ontario, which will provide work to members for several years.

Then took stage Liuna’s Vice president Joseph S. Mancinelli, who congratulated the Executive of “183” for the important goal achieved attributing the accomplishment to the “hard work of the whole team”.

The dynamic vice-president of LIUNA also highlighted the presence in the room of several figures of the national policy, including the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labor, MaryAnn Mihychuk, which he considered to prove the respect and consideration reached by the Location 183.

Terry O’Sullivan highlighted the “strength and conviction” of the men who had the vision of founding this organization in 1952 and of all those who have since struggled to build what is now Local 183.

“There is no better leadership than that of Jack Oliveira and his Executive,” said the LIUNA president, adding that he never found this union as strong and united as at present     and directing the group led by the Portuguese-Canadian trade unionist a compliment: You are the power of LIUNA, “emphasized Terry O’Sullivan, in a pun on the organization’s slogan (Feel the Power).

Speaking to the newspapers, the leader of LIUNA confessed that the work developed by “183” is “undoubtedly praiseworthy” and that in the visits that he makes to the different subsidiaries he presents it always as an example of good practices to follow.

Asked about what he expects for the next few years, Terry O’Sullivan has been optimistic about the outcome of the last US elections, although he acknowledges that Donald Trump’s vision for America runs counter to many of the ideals and of LIUNA and its members, including in immigration policy.

However, he is confident about the future and believes that LIUNA’s “best years” are yet to come, as North America has a pressing need to build and invest in strengthening its infrastructure.

That evening, Jack Oliveira and the members of the Executive – composed of Luís Câmara, Bernardino Ferreira, Marcello Di Giovanni, Jaime Cortez, Patrick Sheridan and Nelson Melo (who could not attend this meeting) – would pay homage to Terry O’Sullivan and Joseph S. Mancinelli by revealing their names inscribed on the wall of the stage of the Hall Gerry Gallagher.

Before the start of the dinner, which was preceded by a prayer of thanksgiving given by Luís Câmara, and the start of the ball that animated the rest of the evening, there were also brief congradulations by several politicians, lead by Federal Deputy Michael Levitt, responsible for the constituency where Local 183 is located.

Michael Levitt congratulated everyone and invited to the podium Minister MaryAnn Mihychuk in which was her first presence at a union event, presenting an extensive speech summarizing some of the initiatives of the current government of Justin Trudeau, underscoring the “reconciliation effort” with the country’s indigenous peoples and the “strong investment in the construction of infrastructures throughout the country,” in particular two oil pipelines that, it has been said, will employ thousands of people.

Then two policies representing different levels of government, namely the only House Speaker present, Linda Jeffrey, who runs the city of Brampton, and the Portuguese-Canadian Cristina Martins, deputy of the provincial government also congrudulated and praised the achievements.

Other political entities were also present, including councilors of the Toronto City Hall (Ana Bailão, César Palácio, Anthony Perruzza and Maria Augimeri), the House of Mississauga (Chris Fonseca) and the Chamber of Brampton (Martin Medeiros), were also present. Such as federal deputies Francesco Sorbara, Ahmed Hussen, Judi Sgro, Julie Dzerowicz and the Portuguese-Canadian Peter Fonseca.