LIUNA brings together management, supporters and representatives of its subsidiaries in a convivial dinner

Labourers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) hosted in its historic headquarters of Hamilton hundreds of guests to celebrate the court and thank them for the support and collaboration, not only of the management of the union and Its subsidiaries and all other partners, including entrepreneurs, lawyers and professionals with whom they interact in the day-to-day.

The buffet-style dinner filled more than eye and was more than plentiful, with the central table loaded, in quantity and variety, of seafood, cheeses and smoked meats, plus two bars, a table of goodies and several kiosks that produced and They served freshly made food such as sushi, roast beef or crepes with fruit.

The guests enjoyed the moments of conviviality they spent together, with a historical building as background and the pleasant music played by a trio of musicians.

Although a podium was prepared, there were no speeches, with a more informal atmosphere, with LIUNA’s international vice president and regional administrator, Joseph Mancinelli, personally greeting the people who were arriving.

Among the guests were several Portuguese-Canadians, including the president of the Canadian Construction Workers Union (CCWU), Joel Filipe, and the financial secretary, João Dias.

Meanwhile Local 183 was represented, by its administrator Jack Oliveira, who co-hosted this conviviality, along with Joseph Mancinelli.

They were also accompanied by the local treasury secretary of Local 183, Luis Câmara, and the vice president, Bernardino Ferreira.

Speaking to the newspapers Sol Português and Voice, both hosts were satisfied with the results obtained in 2016, highlighting among them the fact that Local 183 exceeded 50,000 associates, a goal that reached earlier than projected.

Joseph Mancinelli gave us a brief review of the year that is now ending, beginning with a movement, perhaps one of the busiest in a number of areas, including at the legislative level where cooperation with the federal government led, for example, to the enactment of laws prohibiting the use, production and export of asbestos, a substance that represents a significant risk factor for construction workers.

“Other countries allow it, if they want, but we do not want it here because people die because of this,” Mancinelli told us, who also mentioned the victory of the 70-law proposal enacted and which aims to define and regulate health and safety management systems in companies.

The trade unionist, who represents the largest labor organization in North America in the construction sector, said he was very happy with all that was achieved because he sees the successes of 2016 as a foundation on which they intend to continue building with a view to reaching “more and better in 2017”.

Particularly because “everything owes itself”, as you pointed out, “a team work” without which they would never have gone so far.

Jack Oliveira, in addition to being satisfied with the fact that the subsidiary he directs has managed to reach 50,000 members before the scheduled date, said that all other goals that Local 183 set out to achieve this year were crossed, citing in title such as the level of work and benefits for pensioners. The dynamic union leader also said that there are other goals on the horizon but for now he did not want to reveal, but he was confident that 2017 would be even better than 2016 for union members.

The leaders of LIUNA and Local 183 took the opportunity to leave a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the members, “with a lot of work for everyone”, which is, as they recognized, the main objective that everyone wants.