Canada’s Leader of Construction Unions Liuna, expects the Canadian government to change immigration law

local183-01The largest union construction in North America expects the Canadian government make “changes in immigration policy” to facilitate the hiring of temporary foreign workers, said Jack Oliveira head of Liuna Local 183.

“Later or sooner the government will have to think responsibly and start preparing changes in immigration policy,” said Jack Oliveira, 55.

The head of the Local 183 also stressed that the union has engaged in dialogue with the Government on the issue of immigration, leaving however the Ottawa “the initiative to do something.”

“We workers, particularly in Europe, which are available to work in Canada. However, we have to respect the laws of Canada. We tried to get the message to the government, but we have to wait and see what they will do,” said the union leader .

The Federal Government presented the budget for 2016 an investment of 60 billion Canadian dollars (€ 109 billion) in the area of ​​infrastructure, the absence of the Local 183 currently features that ensure “sufficient manpower for all these planned projects” .

“It is very important that the Government follow this investment in road infrastructure, allowing access to the labor of skilled foreign workers,” he said.

Part of the project to build a light rail in northern Toronto, called for `LRT Eglinton ‘was awarded to Local 183, investing about six billion Canadian dollars (four billion euros).

The union will require, within three years, an average of 3,500 workers, of which at this point does not yet have.

A large number of workers within a decade will go for reform, then it is “necessary to start thinking about the renewal of elements”, because the experience in construction “takes some time to be acquired.”

For now, the main objective of Local 183 aims to reach the 50 thousand members, a number that currently exceeds 48,000 registered, about 65 percent Portuguese and Portuguese descendants.

“We are very close to reaching that number fifty thousand members. I think at the end of the year we will achieve that goal. But after we reach sixty thousand, because we do not want to stop all work,” noted Jack Oliveira.

The Local 183, created in 1953 not only incorporates the construction sector, there is also the competent industrial and institutional aspects.

The union has supported over the years solidarity causes. On June 21, will organize the biggest golf tournament in North America, with the participation of thousand golfers in seven camps, with the funds to revert in favor of charities.