Jack Oliveira of Liuna Local 183, honored with a special gala for the “Community Spirit” award.

A gala in honor of the Portuguese-Canadian trade unionist Jack Oliveira resulted Saturday (April 16) in the biggest flood ever in the headquarters of the Portuguese Cultural Centre of Mississauga (CCPM) and allowed the provision of a significant donation to the charitable organization Luso Canadian Charitable Society (LCCS) as a result of the revenue from this event.
Being responsible with running the Local 183 union administration of LIUNA (the largest labor organization in the construction industry in North America) as well as the District Council of LIUNA Ontario (OPDC), Jack Oliveira is a leading figure not only within the Portuguese community with countless achievements, he is also and especially a leading example in the Canadian labor movement. Recognized the extensive support given to several organizations, activities and initiatives within and outside the community, the honor that Sabbath was made it was “an act of affection” towards someone who “is worthy of recommendation” and praise, as pointed out by the Directorate of CCPM in a message sent to our newsroom. This is not, incidentally, the first time the popular trade unionist is the target of an accomplishment in his honor, and to distinguish especially the decoration with the Medal of Merit of the Portuguese Government, attributed to it last year. This time was the CCPM who decided to pay homage to him, under its designated annual achievement “Community Spirit” by which recognizes someone who has distinguished by its spirit of well doing and serving the community. The organizing committee of this gala dinner in honor of Jack Oliveira was composed by Bernardino Ferreira, Frank Alvarez, Jack Prazeres, Lena Baker, Nancy Vieira, Raimundo Broad beans and Tony de Sousa. We’ve found second, about 750 people packed completely the capacity of the main hall of the CCPM, all intent as to attend this tribute to the dynamic Luso-Canadian trade unionist.

The presentation was in charge of Lena Baker, public relations CCPM and master of ceremonies that night, which immediately gave a brief summary of the history of the honoree, highlighting how this has helped and collaborated with several worthy causes, including that center.

After listening to the national anthems of Canada and Portugal, Father Fernando Pires was called to the stage, pastor of St. Joseph Church in Oakville, to make the blessing and thanksgiving for the meal that would soon be consumed.

Before doing so, however, the priest praised the honorees qualities and an allegory to the action of the good shepherd, leading “his sheep on track,” he said also “leaders protect the struggles of his sheep and they give his life for them, with courage and determination for the common good.”

Once they served dinner, listened to a series of interventions by invited guests, during and after the repast, beginning with the Minister of Finance of Ontario, the Luso-Canadian Charles Sousa, who immediately began to reinforce that; “people like Jack Oliveira and his team that the Province of Ontario appreciates the professionalism, commitment and dedication.”

In a congratulatory message on behalf of the provincial government, Charles Sousa said; “LIUNA Local 183 creates wealth for Ontario” and addressed his congratulations to the head of this institution, “the great professionalism of acts and the human condition” that displays.

Members Cristina Martins and Bob Delaney, also elected to the Assembly of Ontario, were other speakers who thanked the honoree for all he has done for the province’s progress, after which Jack Oliveira was called on stage to receive a government diploma, delivered by Minister Charles Sousa and colleagues.

The head of the Portuguese Friends of Peel Memorial group, Manuel Alexandre was one of the speakers that evening, making sure to deliver a reminder to honoree on behalf of the organization that he directs and which has also been helped by Jack Oliveira and the union. “The community is more united”, stressed Manuel Alexandre, recalling that the organization has a very charitable nature which has been raising funds for the construction works of the hospital Peel Memorial in Brampton, and expects to reach 1.7 million collected dollars for this purpose, “a victory for all of us and it magnifies all,” he said.

Mississauga listened to the words of the former president of this council, Hazel McCallion, who standing ovation said: “I am very happy tonight to be here in CCPM, which is the best club of all, and also because here be with Jack Oliveira.”

In its characteristic shape that so much affection you have earned by the public, Hazel McCallion dubbed the honoree of “great guy” and praised him, “not only as a leader but also as a fantastic person who has been and is the best engine construction in Ontario”

The nonagenarian dynamic, which for 36 years directed the destinies of the city of Mississauga for a period of extraordinary growth in 2014, would not return to re-apply, it showed continuing to be active as ever and continue to deserve the nickname “Hurricane Hazel, “pulling a strong ovation from the audience for their praise for the Portuguese-Canadian trade unionist.

Finally, the honorable, Joseph S. Mancinelli, who spoke as “a friend” of, and wanted everyone to know how this was special occasion for a special person and that the union was “lucky to have” Jack running in the frontlines of 183.

In parallel to the path traced by his father, who was a prominent figure also in the union, Joseph Mancinelli recalled that, “how engaged Jack Oliveira is to his causes with all his body and soul, when involved in union affairs and in welfare of the community, always looking to do well for everyone.”

Therefore, he said, “we have a great leader” in Jack Oliveira, making a point of thanking