To the Canadian Press and the General Public;

To the Canadian Press and the General Public;

10 December 2015, Pearson Airport

On behalf of the Canadian Kurdish Community, Toronto Kurdish Community Center welcomes Syrian refugees to the Canada and with the given opportunity, thanks our government for taking such initiative to bring refugees who are being victims of prolonged proxy war in Syria.

We also would like to thank Canadian charitable organizations have sponsored refuges and helping them to settle in Canada. Without their initiatives this would not have happened.

As it is well known by the world public opinion, the primary victims of the DAESH and other Al-Qaida affiliated radical terrorist organizations were Ezidi, Christian minority as well as the Kurdish communities of Rojava Kurdistan. These refugees that are largely settled in Turkey under very unhealthy conditions with only about 250,000 of total of near 1.5 million of them are registered in camps, expected to be part of this mix group of refuges brought to Canada. In the first group of refugees brought to Canada included no Ezidi and Kurdish refugees. Toronto Kurdish Community Center is ready and prepared to help these refuges to be settled in Canada. We expect our government to consider helping a fairly representative mix of refuges to be settled in Canada for this matter.

Hundreds of thousands of Ezidi Kurds forced to abandon their homes in Mt. Sinjar and Mosul, while most of them sheltered in Duhok and Zaxho area of the South Kurdistan in KRG controlled area, near 30 thousands of them were accepted in Turkey mainly in Diyarbakr, Silopi, Batman and Seert. After the siege of Kobani in late 2014, thousands of Kurdish communities have sought a forced refuge in Suruc (Pirsus), Turkey. Many of the victims of refugee exodus as well as the 3 years old Kurdish boy Alan Kurdi killed in the Aegean Sea cost were Kurds from Kobani and Rojava living under difficult conditions in Turkey. Though the government of Turkey is not issuing an exit visa to the Kurdish refugees out of Turkey, UNHCR has offices in Van, Eskishehir as well as Ankara. None of the Ezidi and Kurdish refugees in Turkey have received any government assistance since their arrival in Turkey. Kurdish municipal governments are utilizing community donors helping refugees settled in their areas. HDP has recently asked UNHCR to help assisting Ezidi and Kurdish refugees remained in Turkey that are in desperate conditions.

Canadian Kurdish Community would like to welcome our government taking the concerns of our community in consideration, acting in this regard with informing the general public about a plan to include Kurdish, Christian and Ezidi refuges out of Turkey as well. Our community is ready to assist our government in this regard.

We hope that our government would execute this important mission successfully and look forward to take a shared responsibility assisting refuges in Canada.