Closer look at the hard working Executive board of LIUNA Local 183

Closer look at the hard working Executive board of LIUNA Local 183

LIUNA Local 183 who has been re-elected with full support, first in the union’s history. Local 183 are returning to stability with its entire executive board being elected by acclamation, returning for another four years of leadership. Liuna Local 183 board; Jack Oliveira business manager, Luis Camara secretary treasurer, Nelson Melo president, Bernardino Ferreira vice president, Marcello Di Giovanni recording secretary, Jaime Cortez executive board member and Pat Sheridan executive board member.


LL-01Jack Oliveira has been a Member with LiUNA! Local 183 for over 30 years and in addition to this accomplishment he brings with him more than 30 years of hands on experience in the construction industry. He also posses the awareness of what it means to roll up your sleeves and get the job done. Starting with his humble beginnings, as the son of a labourer, and working as a labourer for Armbro Construction; Jack worked in the field for over a decade, becoming a Foreman and developing his natural leadership skills.

In February 1998 he was hired as a Local 183 Organizer and by September of the same year, he was assigned as the Business Representative for the Heavy Construction Sector.

Through a lot of hard work and dedication, in 2005, Jack was assigned as the Sector Coordinator for the Heavy Civil, Tunnels, Hydro and Pipeline Sectors.

In September 2007, Jack was elected as a Local 183 Executive Board Member, where he maintained this position until June 2011, when he succeeded in achieving and winning the 2011 Election to become the New LiUNA Local 183 Business Manager, Executive Board Member of the Ontario Provincial District Council (OPDC), Executive Board Member of the Central Eastern Canada Organizing Fund (CECOF) and Pension Trustee for the Labourers’ Pension Fund of Central and Eastern Canada. In addition to all of these responsibilities, Jack is also a LiUNA! International Representative, Trustee for the Promotion Fund, Trustee for the LiUNA Training Center, Trustee for the Benefit Trust Fund, Trustee for the Dental Benefit Fund, Trustee for Prepaid Legal, Trustee to the Scholarship Fund and President of the Canadian Construction Council of Unions (CCCU).

Under the strong leadership of Jack Oliveira, Local 183 has seen the biggest growth, in the shortest period of time along with massive improvements that benefit the Membership and the Retirees of LiUNA! Local 183.

Jack has always had a reputation for NEVER backing down from a fight when it came to representing the Member’s rights and safety. He continues to work with the Members every day, addressing their concerns and listening to their needs and ideas.

The diverse knowledge that Jack possesses of the industry is unmatched. Jack is an experienced, dynamic leader who is prepared to show the Members a unique and modern form of union leadership and provide the best type of membership possible for all the LiUNA! Local 183 members.


LL-02Since 1986, when he first became a Representative in the construction industry, Luis has dedicated his life to serving union Members’ needs. He is a firm believer in the rights of union workers and is driven by the desire to serve members to the best of his ability.

Luis has always understood the value of proper training and education and as such, he attended George Brown College where he obtained a certificate in Labour Studies.

In 1995 Luis proudly joined the ranks of LiUNA! Local 183 as a Business Representative and continued to develop a reputation of trust and respect in his relationships with Members and industry leaders. In 2009 he was appointed to Executive Board Member of LiUNA! Local 183 where he continued to prove his values were unshakable. Luis believes in treating members with the respect and honesty that they deserve.

Luis joined the Jack Oliveira Team in 2011 and became the Secretary Treasurer of Local 183 ensuring that all financial practices at the local meet all constitutional and legal requirements. He oversees the Concrete and Drain, Low-rise forming and various piecework sectors as Sector Coordinator. Luis is currently a trustee of the Members Benefit, Industrial Benefit, Training and Pre-paid Legal funds. He is also a delegate to the Ontario Provincial District Council.

Luis is a true believer in honesty and transparency of the Union to its Members and strives for a proud and strong Membership.


LL-03Nelson has been a proud member of LIUNA since 1982 when he joined Local 506 as a very proud labourer in the SkyDome. He was the first labourer on this project and put all of his energy into ensuring he did a job well done. After being made the steward on this project in 1986, Nelson’s dedication and hard working attitude eventually led him to become a Business Representative within Local 506.

Coming from humble beginnings, Nelson has always had the deepest respect for the hard working labourer. This attitude is what guided him along the path to being elected President at LIUNA Local 506 in 1998.

In 2002, the Executive Board of LIUNA Local 183 approached Nelson to join the ranks of the largest local within the LIUNA family as a Business Representative serving members in the East. He graciously accepted this opportunity and maintained the same level of respect and hardworking mindset to provide the members of Local 183 the best experience possible.

Nelson continued as a Business Representative at LIUNA Local 183 until 2011 when he was elected as President on a brand new Executive Board that would mark the beginning of significant and positive change at the local. One that would see democracy and transparency finally restored.

Since being elected, Nelson has worked tirelessly to ensure that all members of LIUNA Local 183 are treated equally and with the respect that they deserve. As Sector Coordinator for the Eastern Sectors, he has worked to grow the industry in the East and to ensure that stability is maintained through protection of jurisdiction. Nelson has been proud to serve on numerous boards, councils and trust funds. He is currently the Vice Chair at the Benefit Plan and Training Centre and he is also a trustee of the Vacation Pay, Dental Clinic and Pre-Paid Legal funds. He is a voice that ensures the rights of the membership are upheld and that their benefits and wages are protected.

Nelson has overseen the implementation of numerous improvements at Local 183 including the implementation of one consistent brand across all printed, digital and promotional materials and apparel that give each member of this great local a true sense of team pride.

Nelson is looking forward to the opportunity to continue serving the membership of LIUNA Local 183 with the upmost respect and humility.


LL-04Bernardino first joined LiUNA Local 183 in 1985 as a framer and a new immigrant to this country. His beginnings in this country resulted in him having a deep understanding of the hardship that undocumented workers go through and have left him with a personal interest in helping with these types of cases.

He became well known for doing what was right and standing up for what was fair. This resulted in Bernardino being appointed to 3 negotiating committees as a voice for the fellow union brothers in 1989, 1992 and 1995.

From 1996 to 2000 Bernardino ran his own Pieceworker Company and was the site foreman for Silver Carpentry. Bernardino became very well known for his core values when it came to the treatment of hard working individuals. This is what attracted the attention of LiUNA! Local 183 leadership and led to him being brought into the ranks of LiUNA Local 183 representatives.

He was hired as an Organizer at LiUNA! Local 183 in 2003 and quickly rose to the position of Business Representative a year later. In 2006 he was promoted to Assistant Coordinator in the Framing Sector where he continued to grow and excel until 2009 where he was promoted to Co-Coordinator of the Framing Sector. In 2011, Bernardino became the Vice-President of LiUNA! Local 183 under the Jack Oliveira team and he couldn’t be prouder of being a part of such a successful group of leaders.

Bernardino is happy to serve as a trustee for the Members’ Benefit Fund and the Training Centre in addition to his duties as Sector Coordinator of the Framing, Low-Rise Builders and Plumbing sectors. He looks forward to continuing his efforts in defending the rights of all workers regardless of their citizenship status.


LL-05Marcello began his journey in the construction industry at a young age working on jobs as a summer student with his father in his teenage years. His family has a strong history of hard workers and union leaders within the LiUNA family.

This early exposure to the industry instilled a deep respect for the hard working individual and a drive to always stand up for mistreated workers. When he was 18 years of age, Marcello worked in the Heavy sector at a 407 interchange job. He later worked on the LRT connection from Union Station to the Sky Dome.

Marcello left the construction industry to pursue a Bachelor Degree in Business Management and tried his hand at accounting finances for 10 years.  Even in this office environment, Marcello always found himself reverting back to the idea of defending the worker who was being taken advantage of. In 2000, he decided that this field of work just wasn’t a good fit for him and his growing family. Shortly after the birth of his third child, he decided to make the move back into construction. Although it was supposed to be temporary, this decision had led to more opportunity for him. Two years into this new endeavour, Marcello was made a Shop Steward and Health and Safety Rep at the Airport and was later approached by Local 183’s leadership to work directly for the union.

In 2003 Marcello was made an Organizer at Local 183 and within two years he was promoted to Business Representative in the Roads Sector where he proudly continues to serve the membership until this day. In 2011, Marcello became the Recording Secretary for Jack Oliveira’s Team which allows him to apply not only his exposure to the construction industry, but also his hard earned education and business experience.

Marcello is currently the Sector Coordinator for the Roads, Fencing and Landscaping sectors. He is a proud trustee of the Benefit Plan, Training Centre, Civil Vacation Pay, Scholarship and CCO trust funds.

He is proud to be a part of such a hard working team at LiUNA! Local 183 and he looks forward to continue serving and standing up for the rights of all working individuals.


LL-06Jaime Cortez came to Canada in 1986 from El Salvador never working a day of construction until 1987. This was when he began as a labourer in the low-rise forming sector after hearing about a job opportunity through a friend.  Jaime understands what it means to be new to the industry.

This decision sent Jaime on a journey that led him into many different trades including layout/carpenter in the high-rise. By 1990 he became a lead hand building a reputation for himself as a no-nonsense and hardworking individual. Because of this reputation, in 1997 Jaime was appointed as a Shop Steward of LIUNA Local 183 and in 1998 he was made a foreman.

Due to his constant efforts to defend the rights of all workers, Jaime was appointed as a member of the High-rise Bargaining Committee from 1998 to 2004.

Jaime graciously accepted the position of Organizer at LIUNA Local 183 in 2005 until he was later promoted to Business Representative in the Framing sector in 2006. Jaime kept his beginnings close to his heart as he would go to great lengths in order to ensure members of LIUNA Local 183 never felt isolated like he did when he first started.

This dedication is the reason Jaime was elected as Executive Board Member of LIUNA Local 183 in 2011 as part of the Jack Oliveira Team. He is the Sector Coordinator the High-Rise Industry in addition to the CECOF Team of Organizers at Local 183. He proudly represents the membership of LIUNA Local 183 on the Local 183 Credit Union Board of Trustees as well as the Formwork Council of Ontario. Jaime is also proud to represent the Hispanic community as a member of the Latino Caucus Board.

Jaime is proud to serve this great membership with his fellow Executive Board Members. He will continue to serve with the same level of dedication and consideration toward his Local 183 brothers and sisters.


LL-07In 1975, Patrick arrived in Canada with his wife and baby daughter Louise. With a background in construction in Ireland,   Patrick started his journey in this new country by joining Local 183 as a working member. Patrick always understood the value of training and embarked on a journey to improve his skills through education at George Brown College.

After completing his program, Patrick found a job with Burningham Construction in 1977 after the birth of his second daughter Andrea. Working in a number of different trades including Pipeline, Shoring and Subway Tunneling, and even becoming involved at the LIUNA Local 183 Training Centre as a welding instructor, Patrick was eventually asked to become a Shop Steward in 1997 while working on the subway line.

His last construction placement was with McNally who employed Patrick until 2004 when he was asked to join the LIUNA Local 183 team as a Business Representative where he represented members in the Heavy and Civil sectors with Jack Oliveira.

He proudly served the membership of Local 183 providing the best service possible. This dedication is what brought Patrick to the Jack Oliveira Team in 2011 where he was elected as Executive Board Member of LIUNA Local 183. Pat has since been tireless in his efforts to ensure members of LIUNA Local 183 are treated with the respect that they deserve.

Patrick is the Sector Coordinator for the Heavy Construction sector which includes hydro, tunnelling, bridge building and pipeline work. He has also been on the tunnelling committees throughout the years allowing him to ensure that the right improvements are being negotiated for members working in that sector.