Jack Oliveira and Celina honored at gala dinner of the 17th anniversary of ABT

In 1998 it was created in the Toronto Academy of Codfish based on a concept created by the Portuguese community based in Johannesburg, South Africa, at the end of the 60’s decade.

local183-01Over the past 17 years this get-together has been holding various events, one of its features that revenue to social organizations or families in need.

Friday November 27, the renovated ballroom of Toronto Alentejo House was the latest stage meeting of the Academy of Toronto Cod (ABT), this time to celebrate his birthday in a will in which, apart from gala dinner, stood out the delivery of awards to individuals of the Portuguese community and a school, as well as donations in favor of a child with leukemia.

The evening was presentation of the broadcaster and singer Luis Ferraz who called the president of ABT to rule.

Rui Gomes presented greetings to all “godmothers” and “godfathers” who were present – as they are usually called the “faithful friends” who gather around the cod table and, to officially mark the beginning of the celebrations, fulfilled the ritual of play the clapper following the first toast of the evening, called “Hawk plume”.

“Hawk plume! …

Nozzle up

Nozzle down



Go to the center

P’ra boot in! …

The musical accompaniment of the meal where, as might be expected, the cod was the protagonist, was the quintet Fernando Tavares.

local183-02Ana Paula Ribeiro, who performs duties as coordinator of Portuguese teaching in Canada, was invited to present the organization awarded that night: the School of the First Portuguese Canadian Cultural Centre.

With 51 years of existence, the institution has pioneered the Portuguese language teaching in the city of Toronto, a position which continues to meet, and in September signed a cooperation agreement with the Instituto Camões.

To receive the award was Deolinda Silva, professor at the School of the First, who received from the hands of Rui Gomes a donation to increase and improve the teaching of Portuguese language to the children and grandchildren of Portuguese settled in metropolitan Toronto.

For the awards at the individual level, the president of ABT called on stage the two vice presidents of the Academy, Peter Ferreira and Ana Ochôa, which they presented, respectively, Celina de Melo teacher and trade unionist Jack Oliveira.

Celina de Melo, who is from young Portuguese teacher, continues to perform duties as a professor and director of the First Portuguese school.

Jack Oliveira, in turn, is branch manager of LIUNA Local 183 who still directs the District Council (OPDC) of this union.

Son of Portuguese parents, as pointed out Ana Ochôa, the honouree received his visibly moved plate and thanked the distinction “on behalf of 46,000 members” that make up the “183”, with special emphasis on who built the pillars of this great organization; the retirees .local183-03

He recalled that this union had its origin at the initiative of a group of immigrants who had been discriminated against by other unions, who did not accept their applications, and today, many years later, the result of the effort and dedication of these workers is in sight, with a powerful organization that in addition to defending the rights of its members is an active agent in sponsoring diverse nature of events of different communities, including Portuguese.

Rui Gomes still would make two donations from different nature, beginning to announce that the Academy of Codfish of Toronto will contribute $ 2,500 to the maintenance and promotion of the Museum of Saudade, in Halifax.

Also delivered a contribution of $1500 for the family of a girl with leukemia, who preferred to remain anonymous.

Jack Oliveira and treasurer of Local 183, Louis House, were touched by the family’s misfortune and also made a donation to the family, worth $5000, on behalf of the union.

At the end of the ceremonies, the night gave way to fun with a lively set of Fernando Tavares music.